Everything To Know About Hiring Remote Staff

Everything To Know About Hiring Remote Staff
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The rise of remote working

Do you know that the number of people working remotely is increasing each day?. US Census Bureau reported that 8 million people, ie more than 50% of the working population in the US worked from home in 2019. This year we can say for sure that the percentage will increase. The recent pandemic COVID-19 has pushed all the companies to work remotely.

Here is another interesting fact, Gallup’s global survey of 1,900 remote workers from 90 different countries reveals that 90% of remote employees would prefer to work remotely rather than working from the office for the rest of their careers. While having the flexibility to work outside a traditional pressure-filled corporate office has been on the track for a few decades, working remotely is now becoming mainstream.

The important part is that remote working has so many benefits. It not only offers the employees the pliability to work from anywhere in the world, but it also helps organizations to save a significant amount on operational and infrastructural costs. Isn’t that great?

Everything To Know About Hiring Remote Staff

Why should organizations hire remote employees?

1. More productive employees

The statistics are out there! Stanford has done a study for two years and found that remote workers are more productive than people who sit and work in a cubicle for a 9 to 6 job.

The study explains to us that people working from home have a chance of getting double the amount of work done rather than when in office.

2. Decreased costs

Forbes magazine has reported that companies of all sizes report notable decreases in operating costs when they hire remote teams on board. Major established companies such as Aetna when they started to hire remote employees, got rid of 2.7 million square feet of office space. This saved Aetna a huge 78 million dollars! Also, the study of American Express reported annual savings of approximately 15 million dollars, all thanks to remote work options.

3. Diversified talent pool

One of the most important reasons companies hire remote employees is to boost up their talent pools. Employing people from diverse geographies not only gives organizations the pliability to attract great talent, that otherwise might not want to travel to a particular place but also allows them to expand their talent pool. In fact, hiring a different team offers companies to develop their products.

4. Doing business across time zones

Don’t consider the time difference an inconvenience, it is more of an enabler for some businesses. For organizations aiming to set a bar for customer support, embracing time zones can help them accomplish it with ease. You can improve the speed of your response by manifolds if your employees are spread across diverse time zones.

Keep your remote workers productive

As we already discussed, remote workers show greater productivity than in-office employees. However, if you’re worried about the productivity of your remote employees check out the below-given tips for keeping your remote employees productive!

Communicate constantly

Set clear guidelines

Use communication tools

Use project management tools

Offer bonding opportunities

Bottom Line:

Remote hiring is actually a boon for organizations. The sooner your organization acquires it, the better it will be. It is possible to generate a strong, cohesive team that take part effectively and corporates in every aspect of the company, even if a part or all of the workforce is located offsite. Intellibeans can offer you the top Remote developers, programmers, and software engineers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis. Our dedicated developers are well experienced to handle any project development and deliver you a better solution for your business. Reach us today.