Five Ways To Develop Culture With Your Offshore Development Team

Five Ways To Develop Culture With Your Offshore Development Team
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Is it really possible to build a work culture with your offshore engineers since they are so far away from you? Yes, it is. Wondering how? We can give you some tips. These tips can help both startups or well-established companies who are planning to outsource software development and for those who are already working with an offshore team and want to make collaboration more effective.

Why workplace culture is important?

Building a corporate working culture can attract more talents to your organization. It will increase employee satisfaction, and of course, you know, if your employees are happy, they will be more productive and perform well. So, you can say that the work culture is as important as business strategies. 

So, are you curious to know what makes up your workplace culture? The answer really lies in multiple factors like, workplace environment, leadership, management, policies, the people who hire, the mission, vision, workplace practices, and also communication within your company.

Benefits of a strong culture

Here are the top benefits of having a positive culture within your company:

Good communication can brings employees to work and collaborate better together towards common goals.

It will make way for efficient decision-making processes, and fewer disagreements.

It will help to achieve business goals easily with less complexity

Improve respect among employees

Employees will have mutual trust and cooperation across the business

Five Ways To Develop Culture With Your Offshore Development Team

Steps you can take to grow a
positive company culture with your
offshore development team?

1. Create your company values

Company values matter. Creating or refining a set of values can really harness the direction your culture takes. Development of company values that boost company culture. Every successful company has a set of company values to help their employees in achieving their goals as well as the company.

2. Communicate

Your offshore team culture can flourish or fail, based on communication. If your method of communication is wrong, and there is no chance that your communication will stick. Set aside regular times every week for meetings with your offshore software development team. If time zones prevent this, try to arrange meetings at least two days a week at a time when all of your employees both in-house and offshore are available, discuss what the team is working on, give details on any decisions that may affect the team. Having these regular meetings encourages motivation amongst the entire team.

3. Measure your remote team employee engagement

Ask your remote employees to share a monthly email status update of the works they have done in the past month and conduct a meeting, during the time don’t just focus on work-related topics either; talk to them about their work experience and suggestions, talk to them like a friend, general happiness and mood encourages openness and may help to eliminate any feelings of isolation and lack of communication as well.

4. Create an environment of trust

Communicate all the important decisions with your offshore development team to show them that you trust them completely to handle their work, even when they are working remotely. Your employees will only trust you if you trust them. This will help to create a better work culture among employees and the head and senior members of the company.

5. Collect regular feedback and make changes accordingly

If you are new at managing a remote team and establishing a remote work culture it is always a good idea to ask remote employees for their feedback regularly so that they can help you with what you can do to make it comfortable for them. It will definitely help you continuously improve the process for future hires as well. The remote employees will tell you what works for them and what does not, so you can make the changes accordingly and keep everything in control.

Bottom Line:

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