Mobile Marketing
The Meteoric Rise Of Mobile Marketing
Today, Mobile Marketing is a must for businesses of all sizes. Here’s why.
This is the kind of experience that consumers expect when they use a mobile device. If you’re not on mobile, you’re missing out. 50% of local business searches on the mobile result in a physical store or office visit that same day. It’s been predicted that by next year the number of mobile devices being sold will be seven times that of laptops or desktop devices.
Instant Gratification
  • The average person checks their mobile phone 150 times per day.
  • Mobile advertising is currently growing at a faster rate than any other category of advertising.
  • More & more consumers are turning to a cross-device strategy. You should be doing the same.
  • Over 40% of business still don’t have a mobile marketing strategy
  • Over 50% of all Google searches occur on a mobile device
  • 50% of consumers visit a store within one day of conducting a local search on their smartphone
  • Conversion rates increased by 29% last year on mobile devices
  • 65% of decisions to purchase begin on a mobile phone and are concluded on another device
  • 88% of ‘near me’ searches are conducted on a mobile phone.
Here are some of the services we provide to address that side of your business:
  • Mobile optimized websites. Acquire growing volumes of mobile traffic.
  • Multi-channel conversion tracking. Moving away from the last click attribution model and taking into account the entire sales funnel.
  • New universal app campaigns. Promote your app across search, display,
  • YouTube, Play store, mobile web, and AdMob.
  • App install campaigns. Targeted mobile search, display, and video.
  • Mobile landing page design. With 74% of consumers searching for a product or service on a mobile device before making a purchase, our highly responsive designs and layouts for mobile are a must.
  • Facebook mobile advertising. Targeted Facebook ads specifically for mobile.
  • Create a cross-channel marketing strategy. Integrate mobile for maximum ROI
  • App store marketing. Get noticed directly in the app and play store.