Offshore Dedicated Development Center
High Quality Services
Offshore Dedicated Development Center
Providing high quality communication system, latest IT infrastructure and support gain access on profound team of professionals to handle software projects of any complexity, scale or domain.

Intellibeans Dedicated Development Center is exclusively designed for promoting cost efficacious and long-term strategic partnership with our clients across the Globe. It is an extension of the software capabilities of your company where the team of software development experts works on particular projects as their in-house employees; so you can better concentrate on your core functions.

Our DDC model gives you lofty control over ever-changing software requirement, research & development, Testing, Maintenance, support and other complex requirements. Our collaboration offers a flexible approach towards the customized business establishment. We clearly slice roles and responsibilities to each member of specially formed dedicated development team, who are aligned with your process and methodology stuck with business objectives and goal.

Why Dedicated Development Team
The team exclusively focused on your project ensuring no long-term investment and quick ROI. It is a virtual extension of your business to handle software development work flexible pricing.
We maintain a high level of transparency and professionalism which leads a long-term association with our clients. Team members work with Involvement, dedication, and imagination to create a great product.
Right Team with Right Skills -Access of mid to senior level of experts in different emergent technology who are completely aware of your business operation and its challenges.
On-demand extra resources or expertise or you can reduce the size of the team. Adjust working time according to your convenience.
Just Essentials
This model is designed to produce only essentials in front of clients. Get rid of unnecessary overheads such as Payment, Office Infrastructure, Technology Upgradation, Training, HR etc.
Full-fledged operational support of Project Managers, Technology Heads, and Dedicated developers to serve beyond expectations.
Clients Benefits
  • Faster Time to Market with Lower Establishment Costs
  • Risk Reduction by Flexibility and Process Expertise
  • Seamless integration with your in-house team/management
  • Maximum control over quality, timings and the development process
  • Ready-to-use IT infrastructure and the ability to involve narrow specialists on ad-hoc basis
  • Option of owning the dedicated facility